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Suada Agachi

Face Reading Specialist

Everything and everyone are interconnected. There are no coincidences when you meet a person or end up in a certain situation. Part of the reason why I have decided to explore the world of face reading is because I have been led to this. I used to go at church and pray to God to help me help others.

Ever since I was a little child, I could feel the people’s suffering around me. I could see it on their faces, and I wanted to help them be happy, to see the spark of joy in their eyes. This constant desire of wanting to help others has transformed in my purpose.

I gained wisdom from talking to the elders, experiencing life on my own and from hundreds of hours of seminars, courses, and private sessions with my clients. I created a safe space for people to come and speak their truth or learn to stand in their truth. I took their questions and struggles, and I tried to find answers, solutions, and customized recipes for their wellbeing.

I am fascinated about the ancient wisdom and I am an advocate of the 5 elements theory as way of living in balance. My wish is to share the knowledge I have with people who want to embark on their self-development journey and who want to take a step in making the world a better place.

After many years of research and practice, I launched my book “Face Reading Techniques” and I started to tackle different other complementary subjects like body language, foot reading, chirognomy, numerology, tarot, and harmonious relationships.

I wish you to have courage to bring back the spark of joy in your life, to break your limiting beliefs, to trust the process you are in and to shine bright!

My name is Suada Agachi, I am a face reading specialist and I am here for you, to join you on your path to excellence and harmony!

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