As many ancient practices, palmistry also known as chiromancy or palm reading, has unclear origins, but it influenced many significant figures in history. For example, Aristotle said that “Lines are not written into the human hand without reason.” Alexander the Great used this method to assess his officers’ character.

During Renaissance, in the 15th Century, it was considered one of the “7 prohibited arts”.  After a long period of suppression, the mystical practice regained popularity in 1839 with the publication “La Chirognomie”. Cheiro was the most known “society palmist” who set up a practice in London after studying palm reading in India. Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde, Thomas Edison, Mata Hari are just a few of his most famous clients.

Palmistry was revived in the 20th century by Carl Jung when he started to use the method himself and inspired others to do it.

Palmistry is the art of interpreting the physical features of the palms. It reveals the personal traits of the person observed and it can also predict the future as our palms reflect our inner world, and each line holds a unique message.


During a palm reading session, the palm reader will examine not only the palms, but also the fingers, nails, and other features. The dominant hand will reveal information regarding the present and future, while the other hand will reveal things about the past.

While a general impression is given by the lines in your palm, the shape of the hands will define what element rules you (Water, Earth, Fire, Air). The palm reader will engage in a process of observation of your palm’s topography. The fleshy parts of your palms are named mounts and they correspond to planets from astrology. Every person has three major lines and nine minor lines on the. The first lines read are the Heart, Mental and Life Lines, because they show the person’s emotional, mental and energy levels.


Palm reading or palmistry can help you find the direction you should move forward and ease your decision-making process. It can show you two versions of yourself: how you used to be and how you are now, this way offering you a chance to evaluate how much your personality has changed in time.

Another great benefit is the insight gained regarding your weaknesses and strengths, which will allow you to see which area needs your attention for transformation and healing purposes.

Palmistry can be triggering, as it unlocks answers that you may not want to hear, but without which you cannot move forward. It can also spark your creativity, reveal your opportunities and your gifts.

If you are interested in a palm reading session, I am here to help you with a detailed personal analysis that will provide you the necessary tools you need to implement to improve your wellbeing and start living in a more authentic way. Please go to the contact area for more details.   

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