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We speak louder with our bodies than with our words. The things that we do not say are shown by our facial expressions and our body movements. Non-verbal communication accounts for 65% of the total communication, therefore body language can show so much more to the eye of an observer, who pays attention to context and the persons around. Interpretations may vary depending on country or culture, but most of the information transmitted during an interaction is through body language.

When studying someone’s body language you pay attention to his/her facial expressions, head and neck signals, general body posture, gestures, handshakes, breathing and other physical movements.

Whether you are aware of it or not, in your interactions with others, you are continuously giving and receiving non-verbal signals, that send a strong message. Even when you are silent, communication still happens.

In some cases, what you speak and what your body says may be two different things. Since body language is unconscious language, anyone who listens to you is inclined to believe more your non-verbal signals.


During a body language session, you will find out more about yourself as the interpreter will analyze your body posture, your gestures, and expressions during the interaction. As actions speak louder than words, the evaluation will help you increase your presence and your awareness.

At the same time, if you are not interested in being under microscope you may get an 1on1 training on how to recognize the facial and body expressions in others, what are the differences between male and female body languages, how you can improve you body skills.


Stress is one of our biggest enemies and it impacts the way we communicate. During a body language session, you will find out how stress is impacting your non-verbal communication and you can learn how to manage stress.

As emotions are contagious, you will learn how to be more present and aware of the signals you are giving to others, and how you are dealing with signals received from them.

Developing your emotional awareness your will be able to read other people’s body language, engage in more authentic relationships, create trust in your interactions, and be more understanding to others. Another great outcome is that you will learn to trust more your intuition and even when you are connecting with unpleasant emotions, you will be able to manage them better.

If you are interested in a body language session, I am here to help you with a detailed personal analysis that will provide you the necessary tools you need to implement to improve your wellbeing. Please go to the contact area for more details.    

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