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Also known as physiognomy, face reading is a technique used to assess a person’s character and/or health level, just by interpreting the face. The term physiognomy comes from two Greek words that mean “nature” and “interpreter “. The technique itself was born from ancient Chinese knowledge used to treat or prevent illnesses.

The technique considers every facial feature in the diagnosing process, as each feature has a psychological meaning. The matching between facial features and personality traits can offer insights into the person’s fate. The past, the present, the future are written on the face. 

Each part of the face corresponds to a part or area of the body and is connected to a character trait. The Chinese face-reading system is far more complex than that. Even nowadays, practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine use face reading to detect illnesses in a patient.


Derived from Taoist philosophy, the classic Chinese Face Reading was documented in 481-221 BC, and credited to Mr. Guiguzi, whose work is relevant even today.

The foundation of Face Reading (mien shiang or mien xiang) was built on the Taoist concepts of energy flow, ying and yang and the five elements. Any imbalance in one’s nature would reflect on the outer appearance; therefore, the goal is to harmonize the inner being and restore the balance in one’s life.

Chinese physiognomy can be performed using different ways. The most used are the 100-Year Map, examining the shapes, the colors, the wrinkles and the moles, and others.  

Physiognomy became popular in Europe only at the beginning of the 18th century when many scholars and academics became fascinated with this study.

The revival of this ancient Chinese art happened in 2010 due to the evolution of technology and the rise of facial recognition.


Relationships. The Chinese Face Reading technique can help you understand how you relate to others and to yourself. It gives you insights into your communication style, perspective and expectations influence your relationships. For example, if you are single and looking for a partner, this method can help you understand which type of partner is the most suitable for you.  You learn how to relate to others more easily and experience more meaningful relationships.

Hidden gifts. This method can help you find new abilities and predispositions about yourself and set you on the path of exploring them. If you feel unfulfilled in different areas of your life, remember that behind certain facial features lie your weaknesses and strengths that can align you to better choices.

Healing. Your facial features show old emotional traumas. Your childhood, your adolescence years, everything is written on your face. Getting a face reading session can help you identify the unprocessed traumas and start your healing journey.

Prep you for the future. Maybe you cannot move forward with a certain project or a relationship. Maybe there is a lesson that you have still not learned. As certain ages reflect in your facial features, you will find out how the past influences your future, and you can take advantage of any red flags that might appear regarding a certain future age by preparing correctly.

Self-discovery. Your true nature is written on your face. Are you an introvert or an extrovert? What is your attitude regarding life? Do you have artistic talent, or you are more inclined to science? How do you make decisions? Are you practical or emotional? A face reading session can reveal your unique preferences and tendencies. The more you know yourself, the more you live in harmony and in balance.

If you are interested in a face reading session, I am here to help you with a detailed personal analysis that will provide you the necessary tools you need to implement to improve your wellbeing and start living in a more authentic way. Please go to the contact area for more details.

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