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You will not believe it, but this technique has been practiced for more than 5000 years in India and China. In “Ramayan”, the oldest mythological poem from India, Rama’s wife, Seetha, mentions that she got a foot reading before marriage.

Just as in palm reading and face reading, the foot reading is based on the belief that the foot reflects the rest of the body, including the internal organs and any lumps, calluses are indicatives of internal problems.

Foot reading or solestry is method to assess and understand emotions and personality by evaluating foot. Any imbalance found in the foot will be a mirror of someone’s emotions and personality.


From your state of relationships to issues with your internal organs, a solestry session will tell you everything. The right foot will show information about the past, while the left one will show information about the present.  The foot reader will evaluate the shape of your foot, each individual toe, and the appearance, as different coloring on the feet can carry different significations.

Are you happy? Are you depressed? Your feet hold the story. The way you carry yourself, and how you feel about life, relationships are written on your feet.  As each emotion has a corresponding walk, the impact will be seen on your feet over time.

However, this technique will not give you answers regarding what the future holds for you. It gives a holistic perspective over a person’s wellbeing.

You may look at a foot reading session as a confirmation of the truth that you already know exists within you.


A foot reading session will help you understand how your past has influenced you and what you need to do to improve your emotional state. It can provide you with information regarding your skills, talents, and gifts. It can help you release stress and pinpoint you to the areas where you need to change your behavior to have more balance in your life.

A solestry session will tell you how you “walk your path”, what you find difficult to deal with and how you can overcome challenges.

Overall, a foot reader will give you information that will expand your awareness, and will help you gain new perspectives.

If you are interested in a foot reading session, I am here to help you with a detailed personal analysis that will provide you the necessary tools you need to implement to improve your wellbeing. Please go to the contact area for more details.     

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