Face reading techniques – Suada Agachi

Face reading techniques – Suada Agachi




            The art of face reading dates back millennia and has been kept and passed down with dignity and honor by the masters of physiognomy, to be used wisely by those who wish to get to know human nature.

              The human face mirrors both our reactions and the type of relations that the person is willing to experiment with throughout his life.

              Benefiting of the progress of modern science and the increasingly finer accuracy of identifying and interpreting the facial features specific to each person, the art of face reading indicates the specific character traits of an individual, how events in his life have polished his personality, as well as the decisions he’s willing to make in the future.

              Every day we look at and “read” dozens or hundreds of faces, and we identify and communicate with those around us by a series of rules well imprinted within ourselves. The decisions we make are influenced by the hidden message that has been transmitted to us through the facial expression, gestures, and shape of the facial features of the person next to us.

              The fundamental principles of this art have remained unchanged for millennia, so that today, just as in the days of old, the thorough study of physiognomy provides us with unshakable clues regarding the reality around us, and accurately identifies the role man has to fulfill in the great work of Creation, and in particular, his vertical evolution between Heaven and earth.

              From this moment onward, you will see yourself and the world around you with new eyes!


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